Alchold Up!: What is this Drinking Habit Doing to my Skin?

Stuff of the Gods

No matter your ancestry, you can pretty much be sure that your forefathers partook in the thrills of alcohol consumption, so it’s only natural that you’ve fallen victim to its indulgence. Just imagine how the Ancient Greeks poured a bit of their wine into the ground to sacrifice to the gods in hopes of winning their favor and good fortune. If it’s the stuff of the gods, it’s your stuff, too. There’s no doubt last time your chums challenged you to beer pong, you rose to the occasion. But alas, every rose has its thorns. Don’t be that discombobulated prick that gets pricked by said thorns. Many theories as to the causes of severe skin problems have plagued the modern mind and alcohol is certainly counted among those.

But roses are so dashingly lovely and beer is so yummy, you say?

Don’t be a Zombie Extra

Your skin being the largest organ in the body, leaving it to destruction by alcohol is not the brightest. By engaging in regular alcohol consumption, you’re depriving your body’s largest organ of essential hydration. Alcohol effects can leave your skin vitamin and nutrient-deprived, which can cause a whole buttload of problems and start a vicious cycle. The breaking down of collagen (the stuff that holds you together in one piece) over time leads to premature ageing. If you add a lot of sugary mixers to your drink, the high sugar contents can cause unwanted acne spots, insulin responses and hormone changes that can precipitate bad skin problems. In addition to being bloated and irritated, your skin can dry out and lose its bouncy, healthy texture and zombie-fy with each passing day. So unless you’re going for a role as an extra in the next zombie thriller TV sensation, it’s best you scare up a solution.

Scare up a Solution

Did somebody say solution? I hope you don’t mean ‘quit drinking.’ My mom says that every day. Well, good news. Good skin care can be just what you need to protect your delicate skin from those prickly-ass little side effects of booze-bingeing on your skin. Bad skin texture can be counteracted with equally good skincare. Vitamin C, essential antioxidants, green tea extracts, and niacinamide are known to improve your skin's coarseness and clear it up. Moisturizer and cleansing face washes can do wonders to rid you unwanted decaying skin cells and return your naturally smooth face, thieved from you by bad habits, safely back in your grasp.

So go ahead and indulge in that extra glass of beer, but maybe clumsily sloshing a bit over the edge of your cup for the gods is a good idea. And remember to moisturize and keep your skin safe from the menacing danger of too much buffoonery and booze.


Katerina Tsatsomeros, PR manager

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