Tired, Wired, Backfired: Caffeine is Messing with your Complexion

Magic Potion

What’s your reason for getting up in the morning? For the modern American it’s the mere thought of nose meeting the wafting aroma of roasting coffee beans and the mere fantasy of that first sip of creamy, sugary wizardry. Whatever your flavor, coffee is the never-failing necromancy that breathes back life into your comatose form after undergoing the stress, chaos and, let’s face it, utter debilitation that is the art of balancing social life and student life.

What about when you’re studying late and pull out that third energy drink from your otherwise empty fridge? Surpassing even the most skilled witch’s brew, that drink is the magic potion that gets you through that all-nighter and earns you that coveted college degree.

You need a reason to get up in the morning and you need that college degree, but is selling your soul to caffeine the catalyst that’s destroying your skin?

Don’t be a Shrunken Head

Firstly, as much as we don’t want to face it, caffeine causes dehydrating effects on the skin. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. “Coffee’s mostly water anyway.” But as much as you want to believe it has only positive effects, coffee is a diuretic that is shriveling you into one of the shrunken heads on the night bus in Harry Potter.

What makes matters worse is that delicious coffee often comes hand in hand with milk, sugar, and syrups with preservatives. Not only are acne and dairy are linked, but those thick, gooey sugars that dissolve into pure scrumptious steaming perfection can cause insulin spikes. Energy drinks are overflowing with sugary contents that give you a spike of energy that comes at a cost. Your skin loses healthy collagen and elastins, thereby depleting the skin of necessary proteins and causing it to dull and droop.


With every sketchy witch’s potion you try, it is necessary to take the countermeasures to offset the negative side effects of caffeine on skin. Enhancing your hydration game is essential to maintaining your complexion and can even complement your constant use of coffee by making you look more alive. With constant coffee drinking, you can go from tired to wired to backfired lickety-split, but not to worry because all can be reacquired. Enjoy that cup of joe guilt-free and rest assured that your face is well protected by your essential skin care routine.


Katerina Tsatsomeros, PR manager

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