Slumber Blunders: Is Losing your Daily Shuteye Murdering your Dreams of Great Skin?

Plug in or Burn Out

We’ve all been there. You’re at a party or in the middle of a long day of classes and your phone battery decides to kick the bucket. And of course, just your luck, you left your charger at home. Your smartphone, smart as it may be, simply cannot function without a little rejuvenating. Guess what? Neither can your skin. Plugging into a good-night’s-sleep is like plugging your charger cable into the wall. Without a breath of life you’re as functionally dead and lackluster as your lightless phone screen.

Waking Nightmare

What was your most recent horrific nightmare? Abandonment? Sharks? Ghosts? Failing that test you forgot was today? Ironically, losing sleep can actually turn your every day into a living nightmare. Forget sharks and failed final exams visiting you in your dreams, increased cortisol from lack of sleep can cause stress and inflammation of the body and pimples galore; all in your waking state. Worsening existing skin conditions are common in the sleep-deprived, not to mention a compromised immune system that can lead to psoriasis and eczema symptoms. It’s no joke to say that breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid is worse than ghouls and demons taunting you in your worst dreams. Not sleeping in attempts to get through exams week makes you crave junk food. Bingeing can become a coping mechanism to deal with sleep deprivation. Because your pores release more perspiration while you’re asleep, sleeping is a stellar natural moisturizer. Without it your skin will dry out monstrously. Lastly, taking power naps may get you through the day, but circadian rhythm and epidermis health are linked.

Z’s Buzzing By?

It is truly impossible if you suffer from insomnia, stress, or a crazy class/work schedule to catch enough z’s. Sometimes late at night is the most freeing and fun time to relax and it’s never worth sacrificing your yolo. But if you find those z’s buzzing by you, impossible to snatch up, you might want to try some healthy coping mechanisms to save your skin: exercise, meditation, or healthy snacking are just a few ideas. And like everyone’s least favorite dream (I mean being suddenly naked in front of everyone, of course), you don’t want to leave your skin naked to the negative effects of your hectic schedule, intermittent all-nighters, and frequent partying. Moisturizers, cleansing face washes, and quality skin care ingredients can counteract the lack of sleep side effects. So take notes and get on top of your skin care routine so you can put your worries to bed and let your stress fall into a slumber of its own.


Katerina Tsatsomeros, PR manager

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