Top 10 Secrets for Men to Get Clear Skin (really works): Great for Acne Struggles

Having severe acne can be one of the most frustrating and embarrassing vicious cycles than can really put a damper on self confidence and cost you a lot of ruminating, frustration, and money out of your pocket. Tricks to get clear skin for men who live busy lifestyles are a trendy topic as guys become more interested in self care and maintaining a healthy appearance. Getting clear skin for men can be especially tricky because of daily shaving routines and facial hair. Razor burn, unseemly redness, and men’s naturally thicker skin type can really be a challenge, so knowing where to start in making major changes can be really difficult given that men are living busy lifestyles and carry stress on their shoulders.

The secret to getting clear skin for men lies in your everyday habits and in finding the perfect balance between doing enough and doing too much. We’ve compiled some of the mistakes you’ve been making that are perpetuating your adult acne and found some insider secrets to get clear skin for men. Here are some things to try that can make all the difference when it comes to clearing up your skin and preventing new breakouts:

1.Enough Water, Sleep, and Vitamins are the foundation

Clean and Cold water is being put at the cup which is good for getting clear skin

Skin is basically related to your overall lifestyle pattern. If you’re too tired, you miss out on deep sleep or working out, even drinking enough water. The body is very smart and it quickly realizes it if the overall pattern goes wrong. It soon lets you know via outward bodily changes.

Relieving the stress and taking the time to get enough rest, changing your overall life pattern, and looking after your personal hygiene should be your primary concern. You don’t need to be obsessing over expensive skincare products as a priority and using an appropriate amount of skincare is enough to make up for the sleep you might not get or the stress you inevitably go through.

 Eating a lot of dairy, sugar, fast foods, and caffeine can irritate your skin because it is being deprived of vitamins. Those foods cause blood sugar spikes that are indirectly affecting your skin. Fried or over-processed foods are stripped of their vitamins and therefore your body is lacking them and it shows on your skin.

No one is capable of eating perfectly and no one can always fight their cravings, so just make sure that you eat some healthier raw veggies and fruits whenever you can and make sure you’re getting enough zinc, vitamin c [vitamin c article link], and other vitamins. Taking multivitamin supplements and using skincare with vitamins is very important to your skin even if it is not visible in the short term. Indirect, slow methods make just as much of a difference to the ability to get clear skin for men, so don’t get discouraged and keep trying.

2.Avoid Touching Your Face Frequently

American Male is trying to squeeze pimples on his face which is not good to get a clear skin

Do you have a habit of touching your face a lot? If so, the bacteria that is piling up on your fingers after touching various surfaces all day are probably worsening your acne holding you back from getting clear skin.

You may not even be aware of this habit because it is a part of many people’s daily habits when they’re thinking or talking about something they care about. Ask a friend to monitor whether you touch your face while you’re talking to them or thinking to see if they can catch a habit you’re unaware of.

Not only by habit, but also when you’re applying your skincare to clean skin do you touch your face a lot. If you have a habit of picking at your acne or popping your pimples with your fingers and you simply can’t leave them alone, try using q-tips and washing your hands with cleanser before getting into contact with your skin. Your hands should always be cleaned before touching your face at all while you’re doing your skincare. It’s possible that fragranced soaps or hair products might be leftover on your fingers and are layering over your clean skin.

3.Keep Oily Hair In Check

For guys with longer or oil-prone hair and bangs that brushes against the face, it can be tricky to get clear skin around those areas. It might be worth trying to style the hair away from your face or holding back on the hair products that might be causing breakouts. Try switching up your shampoo and look for one that is clear colored rather than milky opaque colored to see if it makes a difference over a few weeks.

For guys with facial hair or who need to shave every day, impurities and oils can get trapped near the hair follicles and it is even more paramount that you get clear skin. If not taken care of, it can cause a vicious cycle of irritation while shaving over top of acne and acne scars. Try using cleanser skin in conjunction with your shaving process to attain clean skin. Make sure you’re being gentle on your skin because razors could be irritating your acne-prone skin. Razor burn, redness, and swelling can be one’s worst enemy when trying to get clear skin for men.

Some guys skip the shower after working out if they’re too tired. But when this builds up, they soon find their faces littered with small bumps. This is because the heat and sweat generated around your head wasn’t removed and persisted in the body, which effects to your face’s general heat. So even if you are exhausted, try to shampoo each time and dry well if you feel hot after your workout and if you sweat a lot. Clean skin is still your priority even after a hard workout.

4.Small Bumps at the Side of Your Face? Change Your Towels and Pillowcases Often

Another important thing to consider when your skin is getting worse and you’re feeling frustrated in your journey to get clear skin is what impurities are getting transferred from other surfaces. Bacteria and oils can be trapped on your face towel, the pillow you sleep on, or any other surface that your face comes into contact with regularly. Acne tends to cluster in concentrated areas because the impurities spread, so changing the environment can really help to clean skin. Wash your face towels and switch out for a new one every once in a while. You can achieve clean skin by always washing your pillowcase when you find yourself breaking out particularly badly or if you fall into the habit of not using cleansing wash before bed.

5. Retinoid Acne Prevention

One of good ingredients for getting the clear skin for men, Benzonyl is spoided

To get the clear skin you’re desiring, you need to sometimes be patient with trying different products and see what happens after a while of using it. Rushing the results can just exacerbate the problem and giving up on a new treatment too fast might cause you to lose out on a long-term solution. That being said, if your breakouts worsen significantly from a product, you should stop using it and consult a dermatologist. It could potentially be that you have an allergy to one of the ingredients commonly used in skincare and getting that checked out might make a huge difference in your life.

One idea of something to try out is Differin adapalene cream. Once available only by prescription, this .1% cream is FDA approved and advertised as gentle enough for over-the-counter use. It can cause dryness and redness at first after using it (though not as severe as its counterparts), but helps to prevent new breakouts from forming. It is great to use this kind of cream or get a retinoid cream prescribed to you if you have severe cystic acne and it is something to try if you’re stumped for ideas. Just remember to use it sparingly, especially in the beginning.

6. Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment


Benzoyl peroxide can really help reduce the size and redness of existing breakouts to help get clear skin for men who have sudden or clustering breakouts. It can cause dryness immediately after using it, so these kind of spot treatments are meant only for the areas where your acne is worst and on newer acne areas that are still just forming. Generally, you shouldn’t use more than a pea-sized amount to put on an area of your face and another good trick to use is to remember that if you’ve applied enough that the cream is visible, you’re probably using too much.

7. Salicylic Acid Cleanser

Gently cleansing with an acne clearing ingredient like salicylic acid can be an excellent way to get clear skin for men. Like a shampoo for your skin, cleanser can help wash away excess sebum and any dirt that may accumulate while you’re sleeping or while you were out in the open amid air pollution and dust in the air. It is important to leave this kind of acne-clearing cleanser on for enough time for it to process on your face and to work it into your skin very gently in circular motions. Electric scrubbing brushes might work for some people, but for most people with sensitive skin, they are too harsh and worsen the irritation on your skin. If you want to try cleansing with brush, try using it very lightly and only about once a week for a deep clean and cleanse normally daily.

8. Charcoal Masks and Face Masks

Korean man putting Korean face mask on his face with using his two hands

Best for using only about once a week, face masks can be an intensive way to draw the impurities out of your skin to achieve clean skin or pump your skin full of extra nutrients in one go. Using a charcoal mask may look ridiculous, but using a peel-off mask or massaging the black sugar crystal type gently into your skin can help exfoliate dried skin away from the area that has dried up from your acne treatments. Not only that, but the charcoal can help draw out the gunk that is hiding deep in your pores without harsh chemicals and draw the oils out of the newer acne that is forming. Check out some exfoliating scrubs or peel-off masks that are great to clean skin with and should be occasionally used before moisturizers or moisture masks. These masks can be a great way to get clear skin for men who have deeply enrooted oils, flakiness, and impurities built up.

In addition to ridding yourself of the bad stuff, it’s good to reintroduce good oils and nutrients into deprived skin. To get clear skin, pay close attention to the ingredients that you are letting into your skin. Many sheet masks contain extra vitamins and minerals or soothing aloe vera that can help improve the overall health of your skin and are great for using about once a week (overusing even these gentle and moistening masks can make your skin angry). [examples]

9. Don’t Use more than One Drying Product

One male is putting Boldnine's Best Men's Vitamin C Moisturizer 'Energy On Your Face' on his skin

It may seem contradictory, but using all of steps 1 through 4, especially if you use a lot of the products, can actually hinder you in your quest to get clear skin. Starting with only one or two of these products at a time and seeing what your skin can handle is a good idea. If you’re not sure which to try, try a new one on half for face for a few weeks and see which side of your face fares better. Trying too many at once or even adding more and more over time may actually worsen your acne because of inflammation and swelling and increased irritation caused by these strong products.

Speaking of strong products that you may want to use to get clear skin, it’s surprisingly recommended to avoid rubbing alcohol and drying products to try to achieve clean skin even if your skin still appears oily. Sometimes oily skin is actually caused by you stripping the natural oils from your skin so it overproduces oil to compensate. Rubbing alcohol is good at disinfecting your acne spots, but it actually damages your skin in the long run and dries it out too much just for the sake of clean skin. Stripping good oils from your skin can make you look ashy, gray, tired, and parched.

10. Use Strong Moisturizer

With the use of pretty much any acne-clearing product on the market comes the pesky side effect of dryness and flaking skin. You’ve got clean skin, but are you scrubbing away some of the good stuff, too? Using your acne products alone without the help of some intense moisturizers is a horrible idea.

Moisturizing plentifully twice a day with a moisturizer like Boldnine’s ‘Energy On Your Face’ will help to combat some of that dryness and get clear skin. Putting on a fair of moisturizer is recommended even for oily skin types because it discourages your skin from producing its own oils over time. If your skin appears shiny from your moisturizer, continue putting on lots and let it soak in for 15 minutes at home and then try dabbing the excess lightly with a gentle clean tissue before you leave the house.

Overall, to get clear skin you need to be finding the right products with your skincare and avoiding doing too much to irritate your skin. In addition, you need to pay attention to the other things you are doing that may be causing excess bacteria and oils, make sure your skin is getting proper nutrients, and moisturize!



Katerina Tsatsomeros, PR manager

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