Causes of Dark Circles Around Eyes & Home Treatments

Many men are unsure of the causes of dark circles around eyes and they are generally a harmless affliction, sure. But if you look like a 4-year-old who stole your mom’s makeup and tried out the latest beauty guru’s purple and blue eyeshadow under your eyes, you might want to consider some remedies because this ish isn’t comin’ off with no makeup remover.

For men that live busy lifestyles and still live it up to the fullest even in their spare time, trying to catch enough sleep can be like trying to catch wind in a jar.Here are some of the other causes that could be contributing to your dark circles and ways you can reduce them simply at home so you can look healthier and more energetic.

Causes of Dark Circles Around Eyes

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  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Dehydration
  3. Eye-purffiness
  4. Inflammation
  5. Decreased blood circulation around eyes
  6. Paleness or thinness of the skin around the eyes
  7. UV radiation
  8. Allergies
  9. Iron deficiency/ anemia

Many men simply blame the dark circles around their eyes on only lack of sleep and find themselves helpless in fixing them, which causes them to search for unique quick fixes that might not help the underlying problem. Before searching for remedies and ways to hide your unseemly dark circles, it’s important to take a step back and ponder the underlying causes so you can pick the right solutions.

One of the most common and well-known causes of dark circles around the eyes for men is, of course, lack of sleep. Modern life for men requires a lot of time commitment and 24/7 attention to your phone or computer screen, which keeps you awake and causes strain on your eyes. Dark circles’ main causes are associated with exhaustion because lack of sleep and dehydration cause eye-puffiness, inflammation, and decreased blood circulation around the eyes. Increased paleness and thinness of the skin around the eyes causes the dark blueish color to be more visible.

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Other possible causes of dark circles around eyes for men to consider include UV radiation, allergies, and even anemia. Anything that causes your immediate eye area to swell slightly. Those puffy eyes cast shadows on your under-eye, thus it causes dark circles under your eyes to be more visible.  Of course, this causes you to look more tired and sickly. Luckily there are a few tricks to looking more awake in the meantime to give you some time to improve your overall lifestyle and health in the longer run.

Treatments for the Causes of Dark Circles around eyes?

Get Back in Rhythm!

For men that are getting irregular sleep, loss of circadian rhythm can be a significant cause of their dark circles. Something as simple as improving your sleep pattern and correcting your circadian rhythm can make all the difference to your dark circles. Taking naps and sleeping in late can make it seem like you're getting enough hours of sleep, but losing a regular rhythm causes you to be deficient on the right kinds of deep sleep. Staying in a regular rhythm is really important to maintaining a healthy appearance and reducing your dark circles.

Drink More Water

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Humans can go weeks without food, but in contrast can only go mere days without water  because it is so essential to almost every function of the human body. With snacks and meals always at men’s fingertips, it’s so easy to mistake basic need for water with cravings to snack.

Try pouring yourself a glass of water each time you feel a craving before (or while you're) diving into a bag of chips and you'll find your skin looking better. Drinking enough water cannot be stressed enough and even dark circles around eyes are one of the results of dehydration because of the inflammation and decreased blood circulation in your eye area.

Cut Down on Salt and Alcohol 

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Many men enjoy drinking and who doesn’t love salty snacks and flavorful sodium-packed meals? But sadly, drinking a lot of alcohol and eating too much salt can be major causes of dark circles around eyes. Eating lower sodium foods and cutting down even a little on alcohol consumption can be a great long term solution for men who want to cut down on their shadowy under-eye problems. Salt increases water retention in your body and causes more puffiness and subsequently blueish visible blood vessels underneath. Drinking alcohol causes your circadian rhythm to become messed up and is dehydrating to your system, so make sure you’re keeping up on water if you are a regular drinker.

Reduce puffiness

But working hard to get enough sleep, eat healthier, and drinking lots of water are hard to do all the time and waiting for long-term solutions to take effect can be very frustrating. Careful reduction of the main causes of your under-eye dark circles can also be very tricky given that many men live busy lives

For quicker relief, try focusing on the puffiness and irritation in your eyes first. Because eye puffiness increases the appearance of dark circles around eyes, you may find that dark circles around your eyes look worst in the morning. Try putting a few spoons in the fridge overnight and placing the backs against the area around your eyes in the morning until the spoon becomes warm. If you're in a hurry, you can dip them in cold water or throw them in the freezer for a shorter time to get them cold enough.

Sliced cucumbers are also great because they contain vitamins that are wonderful for your skin to begin with and are soothing against the skin when placed on it cold. These two methods help increase circulation in the area and therefore reduce the blueish color and dark tint.

Serums and Creams 

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Topical creams that help plump the skin can help outwardly diminish the appearance of the blood vessels underneath that are visible. Because the skin is thin under the eyes, healthier and hydrated skin can make all the difference. Hyaluronic acid and topical vitamin C, both found in Boldnine Energy On our Face, are often recommended to help with dark circles. Many eye serums also contain topical caffeine that can also surprisingly help because it causes constricting blood vessels that really help.

Lastly, covering dark circles around your eyes that are just too stubborn to be solved in the short run can be a quick and easy solution for men. Though many men are wary of trying out things to cover their skin imperfections, it is becoming more acceptable in recent times and covering dark circles around the eyes is important to many men. Trying out a very subtle concealer color that you can dab lightly on the area can help you look more awake without being visible if you are careful to choose the right shade. Even a concealer that is tinted yellowish orange can correct the purplish blue tint around your eyes when layered over your dark circles because they are complementary colors. That way it appears that you are wearing nothing on your face, but makes you look more awake.

Overall, it is really essential for men that they keep their overall health in check, get enough sleep, and watch their hydration in addition to the quicker tricks to hide or solve dark circles. If you can diminish or even solve your under-eye dark circle problem, you will be surprised how much more alert and healthy you look, how much people take you seriously, and how others respond positively to your brighter and more lively face.

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After all, eyes are very important clues to your mood and health, so you should keep them well-taken-care-of and see even this subtle change improve your life.


Katerina Tsatsomeros, PR manager


Nice Article,

I also find as I’m getting older that having an eye cream useful for me, I don’t want my dark circle to get too dark or puffy. 😉

I’m starting to take my skincare routine a lot more seriously and eye cream is a big part of that. I am using: Brickell’s Men’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Routine Cream, which I’m having good results with so far.

If anyone is interested, I also wrote a similar article which you can find here:

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Touhid February 15, 2021

As a 28 yo Male I’m struggling with dark circles and fine lines as well as sunken eyes. I’ve been using Dermalmd for dark circles cream for a couple of weeks. Hard to say how much of a difference it’s made but it’s much better than my last eye cream that costs twice the price. It’s has a good texture and the pump function works well.

Brandy February 15, 2021

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