Your New 4-Step Men’s Self-Care Routine Considering Coronavirus(Covid-19)

We are living in a historical moment of devastation. There is no coronavirus cure but there are easy steps to prevent the contraction and spread of Covid-19. Everyone is talking about washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, but what about the face? Our natural filters are on our face. What comes in and out of our bodies is dictated here where we speak, eat, breathe, smell, etc.. With that said, we will elaborate on the importance of washing our face just as much as washing our hands.

1. Wash your Face

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While it is already recommended to wash your face once in the morning and once at night, this should be increased during these times. Have you noticed irritation and skin chafing from washing your hands so much? This can happen to the face as well. Since being ordered to wear a face covering or mask into any social situations we may come across, such as buying some chips at the grocery store, it is important to understand how this can cause skin problems. With fabric constantly rubbing on your face, it can cause chafing. As you may have seen from our brave healthcare workers, aka heroes, the constant use of a face mask can be incredibly bothersome. According to brownskinderm, a doctor on Instagram, “Irritant contact dermatitis: due to constant friction especially on the bony area of the nasal bridge w/ metal clips & rubber straps causing bruises & scars”. She also gives information on other irritants caused from wearing protective masks repeatedly. Therefore, it is extremely important to not make the experience any more stressful than it has to be. With using a gentle, and moisture-provoking face wash, wearing a face mask or washing your hands will not be any more annoying than not being able to get Korean BBQ with the boys.

It is recommended to look for a face wash with ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, as well as any other soothing and hydrating ingredients. Ceramides protect the layer of skin from allowing any impurities to enter and retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a popular ingredient with many functions such as soothing, moisturizing, and restoring damaged skin. Lastly, glycerin is naturally moisture-producing. However, even when face washes claim to be moisturizing, they somehow still feel dry afterwards. Good thing Boldnine truly cares about making skincare for men easy and smart yet affordable with the Boldnine Shave While You Wash 2 in 1 Shaving Cream and Face Wash. This is not just a shaving cream for men, but a highly rated face wash as well. The foam in this shaving cream for men and face wash duo allows you to cleanse deeply but carefully to remove any viruses or other free radicals. Since you must gently massage it over your face, these benefits also pertain to when you wash your hands.

We touch our face without even thinking about it on a daily basis which adds oils and potential to contract coronavirus. Coronavirus is sealed with a fatty outer shell, and when fought with soap, it breaks apart like the grease on your plate from the steak you cooked 2 nights ago. With that said, a coronavirus cure for your face is this Boldnine products. However, washing your face is not enough and will not even allow a face mask to protect you. If you have facial hair, you need to be careful and start adding the Boldnine Shave While You Wash to your Amazon shopping cart.

2. Beards Defeat the Purpose of a Mask

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It is a new order to wear masks where we are in necessary contact with other people. Since this is the new norm many of us are unfamiliar with, it is important the masks are on and working properly. For ultimate effectiveness the mask should be covering the mouth and nose with a tight seal around the face. Although this can be uncomfortable or not the coolest look to you, it can save lives and it is actually a popular street fashion accessory. If you have a beard, this kind of defeats the entire purpose of a mask or face covering. The beard hairs allow exposure for coronavirus to enter your bodily filters.

Most facial hair styles negatively impact the masks effectiveness; and mutton chops are not all the craze anyways, sorry boys. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), “Research tells us that the presence of facial hair under the sealing surface causes 20 to 1000 times more leakage compared to clean-shaven individuals”. That can be a huge risk to such a contagious virus. Luckily for you, there are some facial hair styles you can gaze yourself in the mirror with. Perhaps, a soul patch will bring you back to calmer times. Turn up some Smash Mouth, don’t act like you didn’t like them, and start shaving away. If you’re not into that look, shaving it all off will have you looking younger, cleaner,  and possibly like your high school photo.

Not only does facial hair impact how a mask fits, but it can also hold the coronavirus as well. It is expected that coronavirus lasts on hair as much as other surfaces ranging from hours to days. However, I’m hoping you don’t wait more than two days to shower, my guy. Since the facial hair is exposed to the outside world, coronavirus can latch on and make its way up to your nose and/or mouth from unknowingly moving your hands from your beard to your facial filters. You may think your facial hair acts as a natural filter but the coronavirus particles are much smaller than hair follicles, so it offers no protection. Considering there is no coronavirus cure, it is urged to shave in order for your face mask to work to its utmost potential. With a good shaving cream for men that gets a close shave and prevents razor burn or other irritations, this should be easy. The closest thing to a coronavirus cure is the foamy soap from our Boldnine Shave While You Wash 2 in 1 Shaving Cream and Face Wash which can also help to break down the coronavirus’s lipid shell on any hair follicles that may have been compromised.

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Sorry to say, even stubble can decrease the success of a face mask. Fortunately, the Boldnine Shave While You Wash 2 in 1 Shaving Cream and Face Wash is a shaving cream for men that gives the closest shave possible. Because of its natural ingredients aiding to soften the skin (discussed more in the next paragraph) it opens up the pores allowing for a closer shave against the now-softened hair follicles without any razor burn. I know this shaving cream for men sounds too good to be true but the beauty of it is, is that it’s reality. Either way, by making sure your facial hair does not interfere with your mask could be your coronavirus cure.

It’s important to shave with a shaving cream for men that is both moisturizing and comfortable so that when placing the mask back on, it does not irritate your skin. Truth be told, our skin is actually very gentle and can irritate easily. The Boldnine Shave While You Wash is affordable and packed with all the ingredients needed to ensure comfortability and age-defying capabilities. Let's face it, most of us are struggling with the bills and we need to budget ourselves. This duo shaving cream face wash is not just cheap, but it is incredibly effective with a 5-star rating on Ingredients such as palmitic acid helps to remove unnecessary oils that radicals can stick to as well as other impurities from the skin while retaining hydration and protecting the skin’s barrier. Think of your face as the earth. We have an O-Zone layer protecting us. If it breaks apart, dangerous matters from space can enter and even harm us. When our skin's barrier is not strong and protected, it allows outside things to enter our skin and cause complications. Another helpful ingredient in this shaving cream for men is glycerin which promotes moisture and also helps to combat impurities. While you are talking on the phone with bae, wearing a mask with your subtle, shaven face, the fabric will begin to chafe the skin. That can make it demotivating to even wear a mask. During these times, we need all the enjoyment we can get. So, the ingredients in this duo can be your skin’s coronavirus cure. The last ingredient I’ll lecture you on is lauric acid. This is perfect for soothing the skin. All these ingredients will prevent all discomforts of wearing a mask and drying out your skin.

Shaving can be irritating when using the aesthetically pleasing yet unhealthy shaving creams for men. On the contrary, when using the shaving cream for men that’s both aesthetically pleasing and effective, shaving will not be such a hassle. Boldnine knows you are busy stuffing your face with Cheetos or setting up job interviews which is why we made your self-care routine 2x quicker. This dynamic duo isn't just a careful shaving cream for men, but also a soothing face wash. The sudsy foam lathers up on your face without stripping every oil from your skin. It replenishes moisture and hydration. Take it from one customer who expressed, “ [the] face wash works like magic and cleanse your skin and pores without over drying them”. Many face washes are known to leave your skin dry after washing, but the ingredients in this combo ensure nothing but plump, bouncy skin. Since wearing a face mask is used so often nowadays, we should be extra careful about our skin.

3. Moisturize to Feel Energized

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As mentioned before, the constant use of face masks can aggravate the skin. It has unfortunately been seen time and time again by healthcare workers who are required to wear a face mask at all times. Now that the public is too, we may face the same harms or even just dryness. Although we talked about the importance of using a shaving cream for men with hydrating ingredients, these are extra stressful times where our faces are more vulnerable to irritants.

Whether it is from washing our faces religiously or the constant use of a face mask, our skin will be dryer and more vulnerable than usual. This is why it is important to protect the skin’s barrier with an effective moisturizer. When moisturizing the skin, it averts other attainable irritants. Constant use of a face covering can cause inflammation and redness as the fabric rubs on your delicate skin. Some N95 masks also have the potential to cause allergic contact dermatitis. This condition is “from the release of free formaldehyde found in some N95 masks causing redness, itchiness & burning”. according to brownskinderm on Instagram. The Boldnine Energy on Your Face Moisturizer is perfect for these trying times. We recommend patting in a small amount to where the lining of the face mask will rest on the skin; around the nose, smile lines, and chin.

 boldnine vitamin c men's moisturizer_anti aging for men moisturizer_covid 19_moisturizer for men

This moisturizer is all natural, not tested on animals, and free of fragrance and other harmful ingredients. Instead of making our products easy to make, we dove deep down into what really matters: the effectiveness. Not only is it developed to be greatly effective, but it is affordable too. Our main ingredient, Vitamin C can help restore skin and have soothing benefits. Another ingredient aiding to protect your skin is niacinamide, which can strengthen your skin’s barrier to prevent damaging particles invading your face. Along with other healthy ingredients, this moisturizer will prevent you from dwelling on putting your face covering on. Although not a coronavirus cure, it is a skin irritant cure prohibiting discomfort when preventing the spread of the virus. Moisturizing can have you feeling energized to take on the day. There should be no reason to dwell on protecting you and others.

4. Do Your Laundry

Did that title give you flashbacks of mom yelling at you? Well, it is important now than ever to not let your smelly socks stink up your room. Think of this virus as your lover coming over to stay the night. You’d do your laundry, right?...right?. According to Houston Methodist Leading Medicine, “it remains a possibility that coronavirus can live on clothes for several hours”. Do not think that leaving your briefs on the floor for a few hours eliminates the risk for contracting it. We wear clothes wherever we go and touch them and then touch our face. So stop time to stop bad habits of reusing the same shirt because a spritz of cologne won't protect you from the coronavirus or get you any dates. Clothes should be washed right when coming home from any social places visited even for a short time.

When handling clothes that have potentially been in contact with the virus, it is recommended to wear gloves. Before putting them on, be sure to wash your hands and properly sanitize them beforehand. If you do not wash your hands prior to putting them on, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of wearing gloves. Since gloves are just like a second layer of skin, remember to take them off before touching anything else. Proceeding this, wash your hands again. I know it seems like a lot but this is how we stop the spread of this highly contagious virus. As mentioned previously, soap disintegrates the fatty outside of the coronavirus, breaking it apart and killing it. This is exactly the same technique used by the washing machine as a sort of coronavirus cure for your clothes with detergent.

Washing your hands after wearing gloves may seem unnecessary. However, when taking gloves off, the risk of contaminating them and touching our hands is high. Clean Hands Safe Hands expressed this by announcing “A recent study demonstrated that 52.9% of glove removals resulted in contaminating either skin or clothing”.  If these are medical professionals doing this, imagine the numbers you are facing. To be extra careful, or if you touched the washing machine door and buttons before taking off the gloves, get some alcohol wipes or spray to clean the surfaces. Coronavirus can last up to 9 days on surfaces meaning your risk is present for over a week. Not any alcohol wipe will do, however. The CDC recommends  “the use of alcohol-based wipes or spray containing at least 70% alcohol to disinfect”. Overall, we just have to be mindful of anything brought with us when exiting and entering our homes.

Overall, until there is a coronavirus cure we are all suffering emotionally and financially during these times; it is nothing to be ashamed of. We will become stronger for overcoming this devastating, historical time and hopefully learn to be more cautious of our hygiene. While facial hair can get in the way of face coverings, it can also carry the virus around with you and be an easy entry way to your mouth, eyes, and/or nose. Washing your hands is equally as important to washing your face. While it is encouraged to stay at home and social distance as much as possible until the coronavirus cure has been found, the reality is we must go grocery shopping in a careful manner. Face masks and gloves only do so much until you are back in your car or home. To avoid those potential particles at the store from coming into contact with you at home, wash your clothes, hands, and face right when arriving home. Putting a small amount of moisturizer where the mask lays on the face can result in much more comfort. When looking for an effective moisturizer and shaving cream for men, Boldnine is your right-hand man. Stay safe while protecting yourself and others.


Ariel Tenebruso, Marketing Assistant

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