Vitamin C is good for your Skin? Can you really C the Difference?

Vitamin C is good for your Skin?: Can you really C the Difference?

Dad jokes aside, Vitamin C (a.k.a. ascorbic acid) really can make a visible difference to the outward appearance of your skin and its underlying health.

Reducing Excess Melanin

Akin to a dreamcatcher that shuts out bad dreams and evil spirits, it improves your skin's complexion by reducing excess melanin production that can cause unevenness and make you look tired. Using Vitamin C infused products can make your skin complexion appear brighter and rejuvenated with that I-just-wok-up-from-a-good-dream look. Even for a variety of skin types, one simple ingredient can give you that extra pop of boldness to ignite a new spark of confidence in your daily life.

Sun Protection

Getting a sun-kissed glow from frolicking in the rays of Mr. Sun is a satisfying way to amuse oneself, but just like in the bedroom, it’s good to use protection. Vitamin C is known to protect from sun damage on the skin. Did you know that UV rays increase the amount of free radicals in your skin? Vitamin C cream for your face protects skin by neutralizing those radicals that would otherwise wreak havoc on your poor, unsuspecting skin.

Smoothing Effect

What else is Vitamin C good for? Simply put, it’s the perfect answer to how to get a smooth skin texture on your face, because who doesn’t want hydrated, smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt skin? Vitamin C in your skin care promotes ceramide production, which helps in naturally removing the dead skin cells that muddy the complexion of your skin. Great to reduce the appearance of sun damage on the skin, Vitamin C face cream is highly recommended to improve sun damaged skin texture for a smooth face to rival even the smoothest baby’s bottoms.

Vitamin C Derivatives

Because pure Vitamin C is vulnerable to light and heat and has low pH balance, it is hard to stabilize and can irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Rather than overstimulating the skin, encouraging production of Vitamin C within the skin by using a Vitamin C derivative is the way to go. 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a highly stabilized formula that is good for all skin types in hindering bacteria from growing around your skin cells. It is fat-soluble, allowing it to easily penetrate the top oil layer of your skin for a deep cleansing effect.


Katerina Tsatsomeros, PR manager

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