Suggest a New Skincare Standard,
Listening to Men's Genuine Problems


Men need skincare, too, but what guy doesn't feel a bit too lazy to get into it?

Men need skincare, too. But what guy doesn’t feel a bit too lazy to get into it? We created the Boldnine brand to generate a new skincare method, closely focusing on achieving efficiency in men’s daily routines and building ideal answers for everyday issues. If guys actually want to use skincare, then why don’t we make it more convenient for them?


No worries, prioritizing your convenience doesn’t mean we sacrificed the quality of our products.

Korea is the highest ranked in the skincare industry for its outstanding advancements. To achieve the best quality, we couldn't miss the opportunity to become a part of this industry, partner with the best manufacturers the industry has to offer, and bask in the product power and high-quality ingredients this industry presents. We create products that are convenient to use, but sophisticated enough to get the job done.


So what do we have so far? Smart and simple products.

Rather than just telling men to toughen up and ignore their skin troubles, we strive to make easy and smart solutions beyond the scope of normal ones. To successfully achieve this, we carefully paid attention to men’s behaviors and and their genuine instincts. As a result, we’ve made some special products just for guys like you!

With its interesting name, our top quality Vitamin C moisturizer ‘Energy On Your Face’ was created for men those who live busy lives but want to maintain a healthy complexion, while we lessen the steps and put every function they need to catch up on self care in their busy lives.

Shave While You Wash’ is an innovative dual shaving cream; face wash and shaving cream combined. We came up with this idea for guys who have been pending much time at the sink in the morning. In short, we concentrated on making smarter and easier products guys really need. It will be launched in March. 

And this is just the first step of the path we’re paving in the men’s skincare industry.


We dream of a world where men are more confident, enjoy doing self-care.

Nowadays, self-care is an absolute essential. Both inside and out, it helps elevate you. We dream of a world where men are more confident in the face they share with the world, their characteristics, identities, and how they carry themselves. With this, we encourage them to take on the challenges they are faced with. To make it easier on them, ‘boldnine’ team are making simpler and smarter care products to lower the barrier of self-care.


 Peter Park, CEO