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Our lives have changed a lot due to Covid-19. We now live most of our lives at home. It used to be a simple place where we ate and rested, because of Covid-19 it became a place where we worked, exercised, and even had some remote parties with our friends. The most important thing in our lives is the place we live in. So we thought we needed an online shopping mall that is focused on peoples living space.

We had some requirements for our shopping mall.


Products that have a positive impact.

We are having a hard time. So we think our living space should be decorated with more advanced products. These are products that are more convenient, functionally developed, and more suitable for the Corona Pandemic era than the existing products. Perhaps when you use these products, you will feel that your life has improved. Boldnine hopes that these products will have a positive impact.


Try to find the best product.

The longer you stay in one place, the more your surroundings start to matter. Are you using just any products at home? No, the members of boldnine want our customers to use the sturdiest and safest products out there. So, We couldn't let all the products come into our online shopping mall. All the products are hand-selected by the boldnine team. After that, the team members will try the product and select the product that they are satisfied with. only then boldnine will introduce these products to the customers.


More fun with your shopping experience.

Ultimately, What we want to say is, 'Originally, shopping was fun.' At this point, we feel that there are too many products on the market. Choosing the right product gives people stress, annoyance and is sometimes just not a pleasant experience. We felt that this way of shopping was not fun. Because of this, we want to introduce our Monthly Pick. The Monthly pick consists of multiple product recommendations that we think will improve your life.


Our vision

Boldnine's Co-Founder Peter and Julia originally operated the Men's skincare brand Boldnine on Amazon. What we felt in the process was that we wanted to restore the essence of shopping. A way of shopping that changes your life positively, a way of shopping where you can always trust that these products will you satisfied, and a way of shopping that makes you happy. That is really our goal.

We think a fun or interesting shopping mall is a must-have solution for all of us at this difficult time. So We created an online shopping mall that will help you and your living space, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the future when COVID-19 ends, we will try to make a fun shopping mall that makes your lifestyle better beyond your home.




 Peter Park, CEO